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This is a Personal Portfolio. This is to keep track or start your empire of properties. With this purchase you will get a download of a printable and a digital portfolio. This can be used on any device but may need extra software to use on a device. Devices like  tablets  , computers , phones , etc….There is no physical version yet.

You can store information and pictures on up to 20 properties for each portfolio. Nothing is stored on this website all data and information stay on your device.

What can I keep track of?

Photos , Address ( if any ) , location ( gps ) , state , zip code , parcel numbers , notes , links to pay taxes ( you can paste in we don’t provide ) , when to pay taxes , link to make payments on land not paid off yet through only , etc… Could work for homes and other type of real estate also.

This is an essential tool and will help motivate you and give you the ability to show off what you have or easily keep track in case of an emergency.

Here is a video on YouTube showing it.

Both are PDF files. One time purchase. No subscription.

ONLY $15.99 is the TOTAL Price 


Terms and Conditions: This is a purchase to download digital and printable products. You will get two downloads for the one price. There will be no physical shipping. Everything you are buying with this purchase is downloadable after you purchase it. Make sure you have storage and space on the device to accept the download package. It’s not too big but still takes some space on a drive or memory. This software is owned and design by and can not be resold by anyone.