Why Buy Land


Rent it out , here are some websites we use http://hipcamp.com and  http://Parkmybnb.com  and we have a income program to help you https://landishome.com/income-program/

Build a home / tiny house or business

Build your portfolio / land banking

Put a billboard and collect advertising money every month

Hold for the future to sell or give to kids/family one of the most secure investment ever

charge people to use your land for storage if allowed in that area because you can get into trouble be careful

Dig for gold / oil / precious minerals.

Or you can Lease to a company to do this and you just sit back and collect a check every month

Hunt on your own land if allowed which is usually

Turn it in to a parking lot and watch the bucks roll in

Make it a food truck spot to park and make money for them to park a few hours everyday easy money

Build a zombie apocalyptic shelter

Donate to the homeless or a cause

Earth ship / container home

Farming / community garden

events / carnival / mud runs / music events